How to Buy a Condo in St. Pete Beach, Florida

Looking to buy a condo? Interested in living in St Pete Beach? Here are some tips that will save you money, and make your condo search a smooth one.

As this is written in January, 2008, condo prices in St Pete Beach are the most attractive in many years. But, that doesn't mean that you can't still negotiate an even better deal when you're shopping for a condo - it's still a buyers market. You may want to get prequalified in order to determine your condo shopping budget.

Now that you know what you can afford, you'll need to weigh several options. Do you want a condo as an investment; a vacation home; a second residence; or as an primary home? Also, you'll need to decide if you want to explore a preconstruction St Pete Beach condo, a new condo, or a existing unit. The pace of new condominimum development is the St Pete Beach area has slackened considerably since the heyday of the late 1990's, but a few new projects are under development.

Finally, you'll need to consider 3 more factors - location, location and location. Do you want a condo in a quiet residential area? How about right on the beach (you'll pay a premium for this). Perhaps an intercoastal condo is your choice, giving you the best of both worlds - a quiet, relaxing environment with a great waterfront view.